What makes Bunker Solution unique?

Bunker Solution is a three-part liner that answers many of the commonly occurring bunker problems. The three parts are the mat, anchor and drain liner.

Bunker Solution is a patented application of state of the art products that addresses the shortcomings of existing products marketed today.

  • Provides “grip” for sand in the bottom bunkers and on bunker faces
    Sand slump is minimized after weather events
  • Gravel is not required
    No migration of stones onto playing surfaces
  • Mat provides membrane between substrate and bunker sands
    Reduces contamination and extends life of sand

The Bunker Solution system is designed to provide a long-term answer to the problems associated with bunker maintenance.  Bunker Solution is installed throughout the excavated bunker and incorporates a ditch liner, a perimeter lip liner / anchor, and a mat that holds sand – even on 60 degree faces.

The Bunker Solution system is produced using the highest quality, U.S. sourced material available.  The use of these quality materials allows us to offer the best warranty in the bunker lining industry -- an eight-year manufacturer’s repair / replacement warranty on the Bunker Solution mat.  



Bunker Solution: Developed by a Superintendent for the Superintendent
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