As a golf course superintendent, it doesn’t take long to experience the frustrations associated with bunker maintenance.

Bunker Solution is the result of many frustrating hours of pushing sand after not only significant rain events but also irrigation cycles.  Bunker Solution was developed at Lantana Golf Club in Argyle Texas by the assistant superintendent Kevin Clark.  

Lantana was built in 2001 – 2002 with an architect’s theme of severely flashed bunkers and large mounded green surrounds.  The result is a highly contrasted white sand against lush greens carrying one's eye around the course.  These were beautiful for the homeowners and the golfers but it was a real challenge and pain for the maintenance crew and budget.

Lantana’s bunkers were originally lined with natural and synthetic mat type liners.  These liners performed well for approximately 18 months.  After that time the liners caused more problems than relief.  Lantana experienced the common problems of liner deterioration: snagging and tearing, grass and weed encroachment, and sand migration.  The bunkers became so contaminated that the irrigation cycle would wash the sand and necessitate pumping.

Frustrated by these factors, Clark started a research and development process to find a better answer.  Continually experimenting with a variety of materials, he experienced initial successes that answered some of the problems, but created others.  It was this process of refining the criteria and seeking answers that ultimately led to the creation and patenting of the Bunker Solution system.


Bunker Solution: Developed by a Superintendent for the Superintendent
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